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My Elemental products are created to enhance your current rituals with reiki energy powered by crystals aligned to the elements. Each product is carefully curated & infused to offer healing powers and alignment. The products before you offer definition, love and grace to your soul.

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Following the universal law of life, every thing on this planet is composed of the basic elements; Earth, Air, Water & Fire. Our range was inspired and developed with the same principles in mind – making sustainable, ethically sourced products to assist the development of the mind, body & soul.


The Elements…

Since Ayurveda is inspired by the natural world, we can observe seasons, cycles of the day, phases of life, qualities, and the interaction of elements to help us understand our own internal rhythms and adapt accordingly. Ayurveda focuses on bringing the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) into balance, both internally and externally, to bring about greater health. Ayurvedic practitioners believe disease (dis-ease) starts with an emotional response followed by physical symptoms. Our candles were designed to be tools to help balance and create harmony by accessing our inner ecology, using outer ecology ie the crystal, reiki and aromatherapy essential oils.


Matter in a gaseous state. Wind is responsible for the movement of all things. It is existence without form. Air is all about the movement of seeds, thoughts, ideas, communication. Air is the vehicle of wind which is adaptable, mutable (changing) , light, dry, rough. Air teaches us to forgive and forget. To move quickly and lightly into the unknown.

air candle


Earth is the most building or additive of all the elements. When there is a predominance of the earth element there is both substance and stability. Earth element creates a sense of grounding, stability, slowness, solidity and supportivenes

earth candle


The transformational principle; fire converts things into new things. It is form without substance. Fire has the quality of transformation, digestion and assimilation of food, thoughts and ideas. Fire can burn hot and quick, bringing destruction all around it, or it can smolder slow and hidden in the earth and internalized in the body. Fire lights up our drive, charisma, passion, sensuality.

fire candle


Matter in a liquid state. Water is nourishment. Water is flow, sometimes a tsunami and sometimes a stream. Water element there is substance and volume without stability. Water is powerful, unpredicatable and heavy, it yeilds to whatver is in its path. It cleanses and bring life.

water candle


My Elemental is built on the love and understanding of our planet with gratitude for the sacred energies it delivers…


Ethically sourced materials

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